Fun in the Empire of Fear

SUPER SECURITY TAKES OVER SUPER BOWL… Hidden snipers deployed in stadium… Black Hawk Helicopters On Alert… F-16s prepared to scramble… COPS: 18 Busted For Selling ‘Party Packs’ of Cocaine, Sex… ‘Homeland Security’ seizes $21.6 million in fake merchandise, arrests 50…

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  • Michael in ArchDen

    New Yorkers can’t be too careful with all those Seattle-ites in their midst. And the few Broncos fans can’t raise the standards for everyone. 😉

    Go Broncos!! #UnitedInOrange

    • http://janalynmarie.blogspot.com/ Beadgirl

      Ha ha, you should hear all the whining from New Jersey about how the Superbowl is happening there, not New York, why can’t people remember that, blah blah blah.

      • LSpinelli

        Ah, the “Jersey Giants” fans.

        Lifelong Jersey girl. Couldn’t care less that we’re hosting the Stupid Bowl. Glad I live far away from that circus.

    • Dbom

      Legion of Boom! Gonna be here soon!

      Coming to a Crushed Can or Orange Soda this weekend…(flat soda)

  • Elmwood

    why do people care? do these fanatics really think the players care about the cities they play for?