Given that History, While Not Repeating Itself, Often Rhymes…

…it may be handy for us to look at the lessons of the Danes who saved Jews during the Shoah.

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  • Elaine S.

    Another really cool article. I’m especially intrigued by the notion that small republics are better at resisting tyranny than large ones and are also more friendly toward minorities. One of the commenters at New Republic brought up Chesterton and his simultaneous love for England and dislike for the British Empire. Perhaps this could also be an argument in favor of the federal structure of the U.S., which is supposed to leave most of the laws that affect daily life in the hands of states and not the national government. Love for humanity in general, or for your countrymen, starts with loving the particular people and places closest to you.

  • Andrew

    These guys, like Marmaduke, are Great Danes.

  • Kenneth Moore

    Us versus them? The question applies to Jews as well as to their hosts. I’m glad it worked out for the Danes but it never seems to work for the poor Poles. When tallying up the murder victims from the Nazi regime, Poles get charged with anti-Semitism if they separately count Jews from “Poles.” Whenever they referred to Jews as “our fellow Poles”, well, they are called anti-Semites for that too. Ugh!!