How Not to Win Hearts and Minds

So here’s the thing: I basically agree with the Church (and most humans in human history) that the optimal environment in which a child should be raised is in family with a father and a mother bound together in the covenant of marriage.

The way not to persuade me to change my mind is write me (after having written before asking for help with something and gotten it when I am, you know, pretty busy) and tell me, out of the blue, that I am a privileged, gentrified, white asshole if I don’t drop everything and explain to your satisfaction why I think the obvious and optimal family arrangement shouldn’t immediately change to suit you.  And, after you have delivered this sudden kick to the groin out of the blue, don’t follow it up with a speech about how I need to learn how to take it if I’m gonna be a real Christian, etc.

Social skills: Learn ‘em, love ‘em, live ‘em.

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