Not Presidential Material?

Not Presidential Material? January 10, 2014

Voters Shocked Christie Botched Such an Easy Political Coverup

I, for one, am deeply worried that a man like Christie clearly does not have what it takes to lie to all of his fellow citizens and the nations of the world.  The whole “I’m as surprised as you are!  I just found out about this from the media” thing that Obama keeps turning to has always been a non-starter and Christie’s attempt to plead incompetence as an excuse for massive corruption is as persuasive as Obama’s.  Plus, what’s up with firing the subordinate?  As  Obama has clearly taught us, you deny everything, slow-walk the investigation of the IRS, and keep a proven screwup in charge of HHS.

And don’t give me any of this, “People died because of unnecessary traffic jams” stuff.  Nobody planned to kill somebody in an ambulance and there’s no evidence that Christie was in the loop, yet the orgiastic outpouring of coverage on this *dwarfs* the media’s interest in the fact that Obama has, on multiple occasions, order the drone murder of completely innocent civilians on his royal word alone.  Any man who can’t murder innocent people in cold blood with the spaniel-like cooperation of the media is not presidential material.

America!  Do you want two, I mean, three incompetent lying administrations in a row?  (Clinton was a liar too, but not incompetent.)  Come to think of it, never mind.  Americans are fine with liars.  And murderers. We just want good ones.  If Christie can snooker people effectively enough, nobody will care in 2016.  He just needs to become as effective a liar and murderer as Obama.

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