More Utopian Marxist Crap from the Pope

On the other hand, we can no longer regard so naively the liberal-capitalistic system (even with all the corrections it has since received) as the salvation of the world. We are no longer in the Kennedy-era, with its Peace Corps optimism; the Third World’s questions about the system may be partial, but they are not groundless. A self-criticism of the Christian confessions with respect to political and economic ethics is the first requirement.

Pope Francis Joseph Ratzinger 1985

First requirement? Clearly, Bergoglio, I mean Ratzinger, is signalling his contempt for both adherents of the Extraordinary Form *and* spitting on the pro-life community. Let us all panic and have hysterics abut Bergoglio’s, I mean Ratzinger’s, obvious heterodoxy and compromise with the world. We’re on our own now and have to defend the Church from the Pope since we are the Greatest Catholics of All Time.

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