Photo Journal of the March for Life

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Happy Creation Day!
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Happy Creation Day!

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  • JasperBuck

    As I read through some of the coverage on this year’s March for Life, an odd thought struck me – They’re wasting their time. Politicians are not going to change their mind about abortion. Politicians and bureaucrats are the problem. Why is everyone bothering to go down there? There is only one body that has the power to eliminate abortion and it can be done within a decade. That body is the Catholic Church. What if American bishops were to do an end around on the politicians and make the case directly to the public? Bishops could invite the Marchers for Life to visit with him and he could lead them in a grass root effort to change hearts and minds. It doesn’t have to be done in a confrontational manner, but it can be done. Admittedly, it’s an odd thought. But, what if?

    • Jared Clark

      You mean, stuff like campus groups raising awareness of the reality of abortion, helping mothers care for their children, writing articles on the actual abortion procedure and the implications of basic biology, praying outside abortion mills and leading as many mothers as possible to actual pregnancy resource centers? Yeah, we do stuff like that too.

      Also, I hope you know it’s not just a big demonstration for politicians. It’s a time to rally together and keep hope high among the pro-life movement. It’s a time to show the whole country that we do stand up for life.