Some Excellent News from the Nashville Knights of Columbus

Some Excellent News from the Nashville Knights of Columbus December 18, 2015

They write:

A few Knights of Columbus chapters around Nashville pooled our resources to help purchase a portable ultrasound bus that helps pregnant women make the choice for life.  We received the following message yesterday.  Just this one instance makes the whole thing worth while!

“Great News!

The Portico Mobile ultrasound unit has only been operating for 3 weeks, going to the Welshwood abortion clinic area 2 times a week. Today, a woman came to the Mobile unit because the abortion clinic refused to let her see the ultrasound pictures they took. They told her that it was just a “blob of tissue.” She was not satisfied with that answer and found the ICU mobile unit a couple of buildings away just down the street. The nurse on board did an ultrasound and both the young woman and her boyfriend saw that their baby was truly a living being. They made a positive choice because they were able to see the truth.

Thank you for all the support you have given to be a part of this “first” of many stories of women’s lives changed because Portico can go to the places where the vulnerable women can find them.

Please share this good word with your friends who also helped.”

Glory to the God of life, light, and truth through our Lord Jesus Christ!

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