Sweden is Pioneering Womb Transplants

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I’m no bioethicist or moral theologian, but my guess is that the Church would regard this as immoral or, at best, sketchy. Any actual moral theologians out there who’d like to comment?

It’s stuff like this that demonstrates the complete and total inadequacy of a “Bible only” theology. Before you know it, you will have 5 different appeals to “The Bible” to justify/condemn this brand new technology. One person will appeal to the fact that Sarah gave Hagar to Abraham as a surrogate mother, so it’s all fine. Somebody else will appeal to the story of Onan. Still another will cite the condemnation of ripping open women’s wombs. Somebody else will find some verse from revelation and speculate about a soulless baby being born who will grow up to antichrist. Another will say “The Bible does not command womb transplantation, so it’s evil” while another will say, “The Bible does not forbid womb transplantation, so it’s fine.”

Just lemme hear what a couple of sober Catholic theologians have to say. The Bible does not directly address womb transplantation. So we need to approach the question by another route.


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