“The Buck Stops Here.” – Harry Truman

“I’m as Surprised as You Are.” – Barack Obama

And yet another surprise for President Innocent I: His ambassador to Norway knows nothing about Norway.

God King Commands Human Sacrifice
Everybody Knows about the Pilot ISIS burned to death
When the Powerful Screw Up, the Weak Pay for it
Our God King Can Order the Death of Anybody on Earth...
  • Stu

    He knows nothing about leadership.

    • Dave G.

      It was said that if you coached one season of little league baseball, you had more leadership experience than Obama on the day he became president. That’s the main problem.

      • Stu

        Plus he throws like a girl too.

      • Dave

        Actually, you could be the assistant coach for one pitch and have more leadership experience than Obama had when he became Prez. But, at least he’s black. Good job, America.