The Sort of Unity the Devil Loves

When the pope teaches about sexual morality, lefties tell him to shut up if he doesn’t have a degree in reproductive medicine. When he teaches about financial morality, righties tell him to shut up if he doesn’t have a degree in economics. To achieve the feat of ignoring him, the left appeals to “primacy of conscience” and the right appeals to “prudential judgment”. Nobody wastes an atom of breath talking about docility or assuming that you should *especially* try listening and learning from the Church when it challenges you or makes you nervous or uncomfortable.

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  • Mitchell

    You are of course forgetting the most important beatitude: “Blessed are the comfortable for they shall be affirmed in their okayness.”

  • Dave G.

    I don’t know if it’s unity as much as it’s bad arguing.

  • Ez

    “Blessed are the self righteous, for their righteousness will always deem them right”