Authorities Explain Recent Close Encounter on Mount Rainier…

…as “meteorological phenomenon”:

Beautiful sunset photo of Mount Rainier with not one but two cap clouds...also known as lenticulars. Enjoy!~Jeff

Next, they’ll be saying that the Pyramids were not landing pads for Ancient Aliens.

Mount Rainier is where it all began you know.  The inference is obvious.  Elvis is coming again!

  • Sally Wilkins

    Argh – where’s the link to the meteorologists? That is such an awesome photo. Does this phenomenon have a name??

    • Glenn

      Those are called lenticular clouds and usually form above mountains. They look so smooth and almost serene, but in reality they are harbingers of horrific wind turbulence. During meteorology/weather training, pilots are emphatically warned to steer clear and stay *far* away them.

      • Sally Wilkins

        Very cool – thank you! Now enjoying assorted photos courtesy of the google machine!

      • chezami

        That’s because the people at Area 51 don’t want any commercial flight accidently entering the interdimensional vortex and igniting a galactic war. I wasn’t born yesterday, you know.

      • Militaris Artifex

        They are indeed called lenticular clouds. The cause is quite straightforward: (a) air containing some water vapor that is flowing toward the mountain at an elevation near but still below the mountain’s summit is lifted as it flows up and over the summit. The lifting carries the moist air to an area that is higher and at a lower pressure causing the air to cool and some (or all) of the water vapor to condense, forming a cloud. As the summit is cleared the air sinks as it is now flowing slightly downhill, causing the condensed cloud to again become vapor. The result is the lens-shaped cloud with the center raised slightly above the remainder of the cloud.
        Pax et bonum,
        Keith Töpfer

  • freddy

    Bigfoot…phone home!

  • jaybird1951

    I remember those cloud formations from my days in Seattle. They are not that infrequent. How could anyone confuse them with alien spacecraft?

  • Ry

    That’s Mt. Rainier’s rain hat! When I used to live out there, I’d know we were in for rain whenever Mt. Rainier put on his rain hat. But I never saw a *double* rain hat. That’s gotta be even more rare than a double rainbow.

  • Dave P.

    Elvis is coming again!

    Can one then infer that Justin Bieber is a form of chastisement?