In-Vitro Fertilization…

means creating a number of babies, picking your fave designer model, and flushing the rest.  It’s evil.  Don’t do it.  Babies are a gift, not an inalienable right that you get to trample over other babies in order to possess.

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  • ivan_the_mad

    I write this hesitantly, because I know couples with fertility issues and the great sadness and anger that often accompanies such. So often they’re focused narrowly and selfishly (although I hasten to add this is an entirely human and understandable thing) on having a child of their own that they ignore the many children out there in need of loving families. Not all are Catholics and accept that in vitro is evil, and not all remember that the child is God’s before he is yours. Please pray that God fills their hearts with love that they might keep His law and consider children in need of a family.

    • Faithr

      So many in my family have done in vitro. They are completely focused on their own pain and the injustice of being barren. They are good and doting mothers and truly love their children but I can’t help but think what the child must think if they ever find out how they were conceived and ‘chosen.’

    • Unfortunately the Church as a whole has hesitated to speak up on IVF for 20+ years now. I can’t even guess the number of Mass-going Catholics who have no idea that there’s anything wrong with it, because nobody is willing to say anything.

      • MarylandBill

        Certainly that has been true at the Parish level. I would also point out that because so many priests and bishops have not been vocal about this, it has caused confusion amongst many about the Church’s position on embryonic stem cells. I have a Catholic friend who once told me that if the Church wants to oppose embryonic stem cell research, they should also oppose in vitro. She was very surprised to learn they did.

    • Marthe Lépine

      I have never been married, so it is impossible for me to fully understand how a barren woman would feel. But an idea came through my mind as I was reading Ivan’s comment: If you happen to be part of one of these casual networks of friends and acquaintances that keep exchanging cute or funny videos through their e-mails, maybe it would not be a bad idea to find a way to circulate that beautiful little video referred to earlier by Mark: “My Beautiful Woman”? With the help of the Holy Spirit, it might just plant a seed of awareness about children in need of adoptive parents. Of course, it could also hurt some people – a measure of discernment would be needed.

  • Kathleen M. Ritter

    But it’s efficient, dammit!

    • kenofken

      Not all that efficient.

  • jroberts548

    But what if I really want one?

    More seriously, this conflates the issues. Church teaching on ivf is independent of her teaching on abortion. Even if ivf did not involve the destruction of embryos, it would still be wrong because it treats human life as a mere instrumentality.

    ETA: see the cdf instruction dignitatis personae, especially paragraphs 16-17.

  • Kathleen M. Ritter

    I desperately (and unsuccessfully) tried to talk two Catholic friends of mine out of IVF some years ago. It broke my heart.