Interesting Interview with the Priest involved in the Indiana Exorcism

over at the Register.

As a general rule, I tend to avoid stories about demonic possession in the news since the media loves to sensationalize and I’m leery of priests who blow their own horn about this stuff. My general rule of thumb is that the more famous the exorcist, particularly the self-promoting exorcist, the larger the grain of salt I take with his tales and exploits.

So far, this guy appears to be on the level (though I am uneasy about the priest inking a movie deal). He seems like a level-headed enough guy though. Could be that he sees the story as an opportunity for evangelism and, for all I know, plans to give all the $$$ away. So we’ll see. At any rate, the converging lines of testimony from a number of independent witnesses with nothing to gain and lots of reasons to be laughed at by skeptics suggests to me that there is something to this story. Demons do, after all, exist and possession is a real phenomenon. So there’s no particular reason this story can’t be true.

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