Prayer Request and Work of Mercy Opportunity

A reader writes:

As a fellow convert, I covet your prayers. I was, for 22 years, a pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. I could not not take the fact that my denomination was in bed with the Culture of Death anymore, so I entered into full communion with the Church in 2009. It took awhile for me to find gainful employment, and we subsisted because I raided my pension. I finally found my feet, and had a great job as Director of Pro-Life and Social Concerns with the Diocese of Allentown. Then, last June, at the point my wife received her pink slip from a Catholic homeschool supply company and a diagnosis of breast cancer, the diocese closed down my Office for financial reasons.

The good news is- my wife is through chemo and her mastectomy and everything is OK. God is good. The bad news is I am still job hunting.

The good news there is that I am waiting on answers from two good interviews. One would be working for another Diocese as a Pro-Life Program coordinator. It would mean being a disrupted family again, but work is work. The second is as a Hospital chaplain in Camden, NJ.
For a number of reasons, I would prefer the chaplaincy work. One, it was a strength of mine when I was a pastor, and two, I would be with my wife in her recovery.

I would hazard a guess that, as a public presence on the Web, you get a fair number of communications from the tin-foil hat brigade, or from those who would scam. Not unlike the knocks on my parish door.

FWIW- if you know anyone at the Coming Home Network, you can ask them (Jim Anderson or Marcus Grodi can vouch for me) or check me out on Linkedin.

Again, thanks, and I look forward to a happy Valentine’s day. 1) I get to be with my wife and 2) I get to read your blog.

Father, hear our prayer that my reader get the job that he needs and that his wife receive complete healing in body, soul, and spirit. Thank you for her successful treatment so far! Mother Mary, St. Luke and St. Peregrine, pray for them. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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