So *that’s* where it is

From our materialism uber alles files, scientists announce they have located the piece of meat that is your conscience.

Up till now, it was thought the piece of meat was a cricket named Jiminy. But now Science Knows that this is superstition and that really it’s a piece of meat in your head. No one has yet explained why we have a moral obligation to listen to pieces of meat. But we most certainly do–at least when they tell us not to be racist, sexist, homophobes who wants to poison the earth and do all sorts of other self-evidently evil things. Because this is so much more sound than being a theist who imagines you are bound by some “moral law” from a Transcendent God and that conscience is not a mere epiphenomenon of matter.

Obey the Meat in Your Head. It’s what… the… uh… random swirl of time, space, matter and energy… well, doesn’t *want* or *will* exactly cuz that sounds too much like You Know Who. But anyway, observe PC pieties and don’t locate them in anything higher than human will. Because matter is all you are.

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