The Lord’s Spiritual

How the press acts as Court Prophets, not “watchdogs”, to the cult of Caesar (and Mammon, by the way).

And not just the press, of course. Our Manufacturers of Culture love to play at bravely facing the applause as they “courageously” imagine that, for instance, the Inquisition is just about to burn Katy Perry at the stake while falling down in adoration before the cult of Ganymede. The idea that there was an ounce of “courage” on display at the Grammy’s in that roomful of fawning mutual adoration is hilarious.

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Bravo, Mr. Rowen!
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Bravo, Mr. Rowen!

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  • wlinden

    And a blatant irruption of the greengrocer’s apostrophe. When I saw this heading, I was puzzling “the Lord’s spiritual WHAT?”

  • Mike

    “The idea that there was an ounce of “courage” on display at the Grammy’s in that roomful of fawning mutual adoration is hilarious.”

    Well, actually, as i see it there may have been. You see it took courage for those people to “overcome” their own in borne resistance to the vanity and vapidity that they were going to put on and call it empowering and enlightening. When they say courageous they mean the courage to deny that part of yourself that is decent and that naturally seeks out the good and the truth and the pure. They mean it in a purely psychological sense. The courage to repress that part of your conscience that tells you that tawdry hyper-sexuality is not just impractical but ultimately immoral. But because that part of the human soul or psychic almost never disappears entirely the ability to overcome its resistance requires continuously increasing amounts of “courage”, and the result you get is the current state of popular culture.

    That being said it could’ve been worse. As gross as I think the whole show was I can imagine it being worse.

  • Marthe Lépine

    Here’s something that some of you might find interesting. I know, I know: Impure source quite unknown from most Catholics, some strong language, etc. But some of the ideas can be seen as a complement to Mark’s post: