A smart and moving letter…

to a professional state parasite who follows the enemy of God Ayn Rand in dividing the world into makers and takers, who lives off the public tit himself producing no goods or services, and who enriches himself while screwing troops and the poor–whose boots he is unworthy to lick–out of their just due.

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  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Great letter.
    Paul Ryan is … well, I don’t know what he is. Watching the VP debate between him and Biden was like watching an argument between Frank Drebbin and Eddie Hascal.

  • Eve Fisher

    Amen. What makes me detest Paul Ryan even more is that he had Social Security survivor benefits after his father tragically died young – and now he wants to deny that option to other widows and orphans. And people think Dickens exaggerated? Oliver Twist is no joke, no pretty fairy tale – and Hard Times is a mirror of today.

    • kenofken

      Randian economics/libertarianism is a fraud to the core for this very reason. Not a single one of its advocates have ever been willing to take the medicine of no-quarter individualism they prescribe for others. The accounting methods in the narrative of themselves as self-made gloss over or ignore any of the public benefits which accrued to them. When common civic benefits (or outright government cheese) benefits them, it’s an “earned benefit”. If it goes to someone darker and poorer than them, it’s “welfare” and parasitism.

      • Eve Fisher

        Amen. As someone said (I honestly can’t remember who), they want to privatize all profits (for them), and socialize all risks (to us).

      • IRVCath

        It’s the politics of hyperindividualism. It’s a lingering disease among our politicians and the frequent voters.

    • Dave G.

      You mean what makes you detest what Ryan advocates, or stands for, or believes even more. Correct?

      • Eve Fisher

        Correct. The trouble is, you hear enough of his statements, for long enough, and the mere sight of him raises up the hair on the back of the head, like a dog who mistrusts someone on sight.

  • Andy

    Mr Ryan’s belief system such as it is still reflects his first love of Randian Economics – however, beyond that Mr. Ryan points out what is wrong with most politicians of either stripe – they no longer live n the world that we do – they live in a world where they must sell themselves in order to stay in office, where they must in many ways prostitute their morality in order to dance to the tune of the people who pay for their campaigns.
    What bothers me more about Mr. Ryan and several others is that they indeed accepted all the government handouts as they call them no when they were in need (or not) and now want to deny them to others.
    I so agree with Eve Fisher below – Dickens would readily recognize today’s world and wonder only at the dress not the behaviors of the well-to-do and their kind.