Fundamentalist Protestants and Reactionary Catholics: Brothers Under the Skin

Scott Eric Alt notes:

I have noted something quite interesting in the last few days. Among the most extreme of Traditionalists—I mean those who are speculating that Francis may be an anti-pope—there has been a tendency to defend this position by saying, “Well, of course, we’ve had heretics in the papacy before who have taught error.” Then they proceed to cite the *very same* examples that anti-Catholic Protestants always trot out in order to refute papal infallibility, such as Pope Honorius. Thus does Pope Francis Derangement Syndrome make strange bedfellows.

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  • Dave G.

    To be honest, on the internet and elsewhere, you typically see all arguments eventually used by everyone, making everyone brothers under the skin? For instance, I’ve learned just how horrible old time Catholics were, or past popes, or corrupt bishops. And I’ve learned it from people arguing against the death penalty, the Latin Mass, the justification for lying. It seems a common argument, if you get right down to it.

  • There is nothing wrong with criticizing a pope if you think he’s being unwise. The problem is not that these people are criticizing the pope. The problem is that they’re A. uncharitable, B. Pharisaical, C. unable to read old church documents in the spirit of Christ, and D. seem to have little idea what Christianity is supposed to actually be. They seem to want a neat and easily comprehensible religious system so they can stuff themselves with righteousness.