Larry Peterson on Secularism’s Optimal Success Story…

is a good read.

“Secular” is, interestingly, a “church word”.  It comes from Catholic theology and pertains to the fact that the Church is not a theocracy and does not see itself as competent to run everything.  Human disciplines such as state, science, arts, philosophy, etc have their own own experts with their own fields of competence.  The problem comes when the secular shoves the sacred out of its field off competence and tries to becom the summon bonum for all of life.  When you do that, you start worshipping nature and nature worship is, for humans, always unnatural.  We start, among other things, killing our young and even cannibalizing them.

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  • SteveP

    L. Peterson’s article is indeed a good read and well maps the part of the iceberg above the waves. What is yet submerged, for I do not know how much longer, is the attack on age of reason and age of consent. Someone will put forth the argument that if a child can consent to la grande mort, surely they can consent to la petite mort.
    May Christ, the Just and Merciful, gather those affected by these heinous legality to Himself.