Remember, O Lord, Your Servant Oscar Romero…

Remember, O Lord, Your Servant Oscar Romero… March 24, 2014

….martyred on the eve of the Feast of the Annunciation by the powers of hell, just as St. Maximilian Kolbe was martyred by those same power on the eve of the Assumption.  By your cross and resurrection they have defeated those powers, were exalted by you, and enjoy forever the ecstasy of heaven in union with you and the Blessed Mother and all the saints.

A reader writes:

This Monday, 24 March, will mark the 34th anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero.  For the past year, through music, film and performance, we have sought to tell the story of this remarkable man. There are strong indications from the Vatican that he will be declared a saint in the not too distant future. He is, however, already recognized as both a martyr and a saint by millions around the world.

We are asking you to help spread his story – a story of faith and of courage, a story of what it means to follow in the steps of Christ.

Even if you have seen it before, click to watch the video below… be shocked by the actual gunshots (recorded by a nun who was in the chapel at the time)… hear his words of hope that form the lyrics of the song… then forward this to at least one friend.

Romero’s message of social justice, non-violence and self-sacrifice are needed today as never before.  We’re asking you to be partners in spreading that message.

With love to you all,

The Project

Michael Glen Bell and Duane W.H. Arnold


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  • Thanks for this, Mark.

  • Dan C

    This was one of Benedict’s weaknesses. He knew the politics around this, despite personal commentary of his beliefs about Romero, he probably was unwilling to “upset” certain elements of the Church by advancing his cause, or even releasing it from the CDF. My claim is this particular activity was one more bit of evidence Benedict was a “pleaser” and not an antagonist.

    Romero was a controversial figure who probably was a martyr and a saint. Moving the case in one way or the other would be an answer. There is little doubt that the varied politics about the Dirty Wars and the Cold War are still influencing this case.

  • Laura Gonzalez

    ¡Oscar Romero presente!