Over at the Register…

I have a conversation with a reader who has been hurt by private revelation enthusiasts.

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Some Remarks on Pro Death Penalty Arguments
Lizzie Scalia (aka “The Anchoress, aka “Fearless Leader of the Patheos Catholic Channel”)…
Private Revelation: The Department of the Treasury vs. Hell
  • Marthe Lépine

    That was a very good article, and I intend to print it and give it to a friend who has been reading a book about Fatima by this Fr. (Grunen?) whose name I cannot remember just now but had come up in a previous post, and who is said to have lost his priestly privileges.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Mark, have you ever encountered the book, “They Fired the First Shot”? The only author listed is A Friend of Medjegorie” which makes me leery of it, but I know people who are very taken by it.

    • chezami

      Nope. Sounds like something to avoid.

      • http://www.likelierthings.com/ Jon W

        With a title like that, a million upvotes to Mark’s comment.