Uber Ultra Feminists Apparently Invent New Thing to Feel Outraged About

If a man farts loudly, it seems that’s “fart rape” according to some feminist theorist.

One hopes it’s a satire (the rest of the site has satire on it) but the tweets appear to be genuine and the site author appears, on this occasion, to simply be letting radical feminism have all the rope it needs to hang itself. And, of course, feminist theorists have said plenty of equally nutty stuff in the past. So Poe’s law wavers somewhere in the realm of indeterminacy like Schrodinger’s cat.

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  • James

    Yeah, it’s satire. And pretty bad satire at that.

  • Matthew

    The great thing about satire is that underneath all the humor and snark, there is truth.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    What if a woman farts loudly?
    We should be sympathetic to flatulent-Americans, who are often victims of embarrassing gastrointestinal issues, yet are still slighted and rejected for it. It is often beyond their control to contain the thoroughly natural vapors of their body. Young flatulent-Americans are often bullied and ostracized at schools and are even singled out and humiliated by teachers. Within the workplace, flatulent-Americans are looked down upon by their peers and prevented from working in groups which might advance their careers. It’s time to take a stand and refuse to let society heap shame upon flatulent-Americans for the natural inclinations of their digestive systems!

    • Rebecca, don’t you know that women are incapable of fart rape???

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        Well, that’s a relief.

    • Varenius

      Then there’s the humiliation my co-worker endured: finding a bottle of Beano left anonymously on his desk. OH THE HUMANITY!

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        See. SEE! The bigotry, the sheer hatred. Even the perpetrator couldn’t face up to it and acted in shameful anonymity.

    • Alma Peregrina

      “What if a woman farts loudly?”

      Then it’s, like, you go girl! Stick it to the man and the patriarchal society!

      • silicasandra

        I actually read an article in a feminist magazine (it was college!) that advocated that exact thing. That if a woman had to fart, she should be as loud and noisy as possible, so men wouldn’t forget that we’re just as human as they are.

        If I’d known what Tina Fey eyerolls were back then, I would have done one.

    • Billington

      Yes indeed! I think those poor flatulents should start a “movement” to get it out in the open.

      • Linebyline

        You are a horrible person.

    • Francisco J Castellanos

      Right on Sister!
      Flatulents of the world, unite!

  • Why do you hate women, Mark?

    • chezami

      Because their castrating flatulence threatens my manhood.

  • I think that piece missed the opportunity to use the terms “microaggression” and “triggering.”

  • SteveP

    They did not get the hint. “Fetchez la vache!”