Gutless Brandeis U Chickens Out

…rescinds honorary doctorate for Aayan Hirsi Ali because they are afraid of vengeful Bronze Age Savages.

Scott Dodge notes:

For those who do not know, Hirsi Ali first came to prominence in the Netherlands for collaborating with Theo Van Gogh on his film Submission. As a result of making this film, Van Gogh was stabbed-to-death in broad daylight on the street by an Islamic extremist. Ever since, Hirsi Ali, who briefly served as a member of the Dutch Parliament before running into citizenship issues, has lived in danger of being killed for letting her story be told in the film. Undaunted, she has bravely persisted in telling her story.

The well-worn principle of Leftist “courage in the face of religious intolerance” is this: You can bravely face the applause of your peers as you lionize “Piss Christ” or do some stupid “Katy Perry is Burned by the Inquisition” schlock for the Grammys because everybody in the world knows that Christians are not going to retaliate. But you stand a real chance actually paying for your courage with your life if you tick off a jihadi.

Ali makes her reply to this craven lickspittle cowardice here.

Meanwhile, along with Scott Dodge and, I hope, many others, I reply by posting the first part of Submission:

I sincerely hope that the student of Brandeis begin their entry into the adult world by organizing a protest–at their graduation–of this utterly gutless act of cowardice.

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  • Dave G.

    Some of it might be cowardice on the part of some progressives. Though it could also be just the narrative that they believe. Or perhaps a combination