Homestarrunner is back!

Let joy be unconfined!

"If someone with a terminal illness were persuing euthanasia, what means would you consider acceptable ..."

Rebecca Hamilton brings the truth
"In the same way, a few homophobes in my country argued that legalizing gay marriage ..."

Rebecca Hamilton brings the truth
"What I find most worrying about all this recent talk about euthanasia is that it ..."

Rebecca Hamilton brings the truth
"About "gifts of knowledge sufficient not to build in flood zones or on earthquake faults, ..."

A reader has a question about ..."

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  • orual’s kindred


  • She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

    Strongbad and the Lappy!!! MARZIPAN!!!! 😀

  • Katie in FL

    YES!!! I was going to check yesterday since they would always put up an April Fool’s Day page in the past, and every year I would hope there would be something there, but I never got around to it. Hooray!

  • Steve P

    One of the most significant accomplishments in the history of the Internet. It just may be that the World Wide Web was indeed created for this sort of golden moment.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    I just hope it’s more than an April Fool’s Day joke.