Human Sacrifice…

among the ideologues is under discussion over at Catholic World Report, courtesy of Yr Obdt. Svt.

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  • Dr. Eric

    Isn’t it funny that Colbert, Baldwin, O’Reilly, and Voris are all Catholics as well?

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Great article as always.
    Sad fact: A friend of mine is currently editing an anti-bullying book by one of the leading “crusaders” in the field. He says she is the worst bully he’s ever met in his life. A truly horrible person to work with who abuses everyone around her.
    Names withheld to protect the guilty.

  • Anthony

    I can’t believe how hateful so many of the comments are. I personally thought it was a very good article and I really can’t understand all the vitriol. You have my respect for handling it so well Mr. Shea.

    • chezami


  • My fave comment from the combox: “If I thought Mark Shea represented anything other than a tiny fringe of socially misfit hyperventilating Catholics, I’d be looking for another church.” Who’s hyperventilating in that sentence? Never mind discernment-impaired; I think some people are irony-impaired.

  • Marthe Lépine

    As I was attempting to read one of the articles linked by Mark in the CWR post, I had a strange impression. That was the one Mark referred to as “hysterical”, and in the part I did read (I did not have the patience to read all of it) it seemed to me that it particularly confirmed something Mark said earlier in other posts. The writer of the article was deeply into (among other things) some conspiracy theory about the Church having been infiltrated by communists, or masons, or whatever… apparently totally forgetting that Jesus promised to be with His Church till the end of times, and the conclusion reached by the author of the article about “enemies from within ” strangely seemed to fit… the author of the article himself! He sounded like he meant that the Church has to be broken up (or destroyed by his clan) in order to save it… Seems to me I have seen such ideas before, from Protestants who were convinced that the Church somehow went off-track about the 3rd century and did need to be reformed at some time in the 15th century or so… I guess it is true that ignorance of history can make history repeat itself.