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Car with COEXIST bumper sticker runs over prolife display.

"This is basically the question of what qualifies as a person. Imagine that an alien ..."

The New Lie
"This is very general theory and not a nuts & bolts arguement. The way that ..."

Why Don’t you Talk about Theology ..."
"Hi Eris.In the particular instance the woman made ~38,000-45,000 gross a year (2012 - 2013ish) ..."

Why Don’t you Talk about Theology ..."
"I don't see "fundamental right" as a meaningful term, other than as a statement of ..."

The New Lie

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  • sez

    Of course they did, because Tolerance.

  • jcb

    Commit yourself wholeheartedly to the dismemberment of the weak for the convenience of the strong, and before you know it you’ll have sunk to the level of minor vandalism and unsafe driving.