Reader A.J. Avila writes

As the Feast of Divine Mercy approaches, I hope you will let your readers know about my novel on God’s Mercy, “Rain from Heaven.”  I was inspired to write it after reading St. Faustina’s Diary, and it has been approved for publication by my Spiritual Director.  “Rain from Heaven” is available for just $.99 on Amazon Kindle

or for those who do not have a Kindle or cannot afford the price, the entire book is available free online.

Since I wrote this book for the greater glory of God and not for money, all net profits are being donated to charity.  Net profits for this year are going to my parish, which is struggling financially.

Thank you for helping me spread the word about God’s mercy.

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  • Jurinne

    I read “Rain from Heaven”, really liked it, and have shared it with some friends. It helped open my eyes to how merciful and loving God is to us. The book is very well written and the ending of each chapter always made me want to read more. The book’s conclusion touched my heart in an unexpected way. I also enjoyed “Nearer the Dawn” by A.J. Avila and hope this author will be writing more.