Somehow this cried out to me…

“Post me so that Victor Lams will see me!”

I hear and obey the Voices in my head:

Prayer Requests
Golden Throats!
The Lawrence Welk Show Presents “One Toke Over the Line”
  • Beadgirl

    Oh man, I love these! Giffords’ cameo never fails to make me laugh. “Straight out of Compton”is a hoot, too —

  • Francisco J Castellanos

    This definitely gets my vote for the “Best Shea Music Post of The Year” award. The sublimely magnificent Rapper’s Delight!
    Hark! Hast thou heard sweeter words than these?:
    “I said a hip hop,
    The hippie to the hippie
    The hip hip a hop, and you don’t stop, a rock it
    To the bang bang boogie, say up jump the boogie,
    To the rhythm of the boogie, the beat.”

  • James McDonald

    And it reminds of how Protestants often get their doctrine–by piecemealing out-of-context verses from the Bible.