Why read Catholic and Enjoying it?

I’ll tell you why!  Check out this unsolicited testimonial:

“OMGOSH I am laughing so hard!!!!!!! i have officially gone off anti-depressants since friending Mark Shea!!!!

Mark Shea: Human Prozac, but much cheaper.

"...and now the system has flagged my reply as spam. I replied that it wasn't. ..."

Christianist “Prolife” Pundit Kevin Williamson…
"“Confronted with a cancer or a slum the Pantheist can say, ‘If you could only ..."

Not coincidentally….
"No. I used "God-damned" with exacting theological precision to refer to God-damned sins, not sinners. ..."

Not coincidentally….
"Robert Woodman is claiming that Mark has been cursing and using God's name in vain ..."

Not coincidentally….

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  • Catholic Fast Food Worker

    I’ll give you another reason to enjoy “Catholic & Enjoying IT (info. tech.?)”: because Mark Shea = Modern-day American version of Gilbert Keith Chesterton. This blog is where Mr. Shea gives us scribbles straight from his soul, like a poet but in cyber-form. Many times it’s engaging, thought-provoking, awe-inspiring, friendly (“works of mercy”/prayer requests), informative… & yes even funny (Prozac-like). Many times it’s serious but sometimes Goofy 🙂 in a good way. Blessed & Happy Pascua!

    • Catholic Fast Food Worker

      I forgot something: Mark also uses many cool-sounding unique words (but sometimes they make me wonder if he’s just making up words). Responstable. Supercalifragilisticquispialidocious.

    • chezami

      The only similarity between GKC and me is that we are both fat.