Dear UN…

United Nations Calls Catholic Church’s Pro-Life Teachings “Promoting Torture”

Thanks for being God’s gift to every supporter of torture in the Church. From here on in, anytime somebody says “torture is wrong” torture supporters will be able to cry “Oh, I suppose you are one of those UN buffoons who thinks opposition to abortion is “promoting torture”.”

Here’s your Tina Fey Eyeroll, UN morons.

It’s amazing how something as uncomplicated as “Don’t torture and murder people” has become a huge conflicted moral conundrum for so many.  Opposition to abortion and opposition to torture are *obviously* two sides of the same coin.  How can this be opaque to so many people?

  • Joejoe

    How much Credibility Debt is the UN in anyway?

  • HornOrSilk

    Can you find a source beyond LifeSiteNews and the Examiner? I wouldn’t be surprised if some within the UN are pushing this, but is it some within or the UN, and to what extent? I need a better source, with more details, please. Notice what I saw was a “member” saying this, but was it approved by all?

    • Rachel

      I found an article about it from the Guardian. Apparently, only one representative made that comment. The hearing was about the Church’s response to the sex abuse scandals. Apparently the Holy See told the UN committee that they are only concerned with the affairs of the Holy See and no one more but the committee didn’t buy that argument. Then one of the representatives said that our doctrine on abortion was tantamount to torture because we refuse to allow even young, raped girls to get abortions, etc, etc. Its the same old thing. The life site news article hardly mentioned that this was at a hearing about the sex abuse scandals. Although no one likes this but the scandals have caused the Church’s moral credibility to crumble, especially the cover up that bishops did. It will take decades and decades to recover from it which means our public voice will probably diminish more and more. This means more penance for us I suppose.

      • HornOrSilk

        Yes, more penance and humility. Always a good thing. And yes, the sex abuse scandal is bad (no matter how much worse it is outside of the Church) because it hurts our witness, as well as it means people in authority have hurt people within the Church as well and that is always bad.

        If this was to do with sex abuse questions, while I think it would be invaluable to look at the question as it is found in the whole world and not limited to us, nonetheless, it also puts the comment (wrong that it is) in perspective. And that only one said this also puts things in perspective.

        This is something we Catholics should ask for from organizations like lifesite — perspective — instead of this quick assumption that the lifesite article wants to promote. There is a level of truth in the article, but the context and all, changes it quite a bit. However, I also know lifesite is very anti-UN in theory and so wants to suggest everything the UN does is bad, while the Church agrees with the UN in theory, even if it disagrees with particular actions. This, again, is important for people to remember as they engage the UN and what members within it say. So, thanks for pointing out more about this, and reaffirming my thought that there was more going on.

        • Rachel

          exactly. I get tired of these knee jerk reaction stories that life site news and others like to promote. It fails to give the full perspective and context to the story. That is why I take any story that lifesite news posts with a grain of salt since they like to engage in propaganda. Not everything is a conspiracy against the Church, life, etc.

    • Francisco J Castellanos

      This is nothing new Horn. And it is not coming from one stray “member.” The United Nations Committee Against Torture has in the past called opposition to abortion “a form of torture” and has chastised some Latin American governments for their anti-abortion laws calling it akin to torture