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Oh, and some of the language is not safe for work:

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  • Dan C

    Something you can reasonably desire, but probably shouldn’t have. Like the McRib.

  • Marthe Lépine

    However, and I am not making this up: I have read once, a long time ago, someone argue that the death penalty does prevent recidivism!

  • MarylandBill

    For the most part it was a fairly good take on the Death Penalty (better than most network news programs), though I imagine one could question using Amnesty International as a source regarding the deterrent value of the death penalty; they are not exactly unbiased.

  • Dan C

    One interesting bit is how it seems there was little interest in demanding that something seemingly democratically desired in majority (that Brits desire the death penalty at 51%) should be given to the populace.

    Several movements of populists in the US, including conservative populism would not be amenable to that argument. I happen to like it.

    There are things the population wants that are not good for them. The death penalty is one.

  • Archaeopteryx

    Technically speaking, it does. Dead men cannot commit more crimes.

  • Yeah, I found that fascinating, too. Especially the way John Oliver was willing to just say it.

    • Dan C

      In Britain, as in Australia, many would want to execute certain criminals. But at the same time there is no movement politically at all to have this happen. None at all. Which is a good thing.