I remember Bush Derangement Syndrome. Good times! Good times!

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“They Didn’t Get to Design our ..."

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  • Kathleen M. Ritter

    Oh my gosh! I did the ring finger test and discovered that I am a man! How am I ever going to explain this to my husband and son?

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      You were so good at pretending, you even fooled yourself!

  • Kathleen M. Ritter

    Damn, I failed the shoulder test as well.

    • sez

      Maybe you failed the intelligence test, if you continued watching after the finger test.

      • Kathleen M. Ritter

        It was like a car wreck; I tried to avert my eyes but just couldn’t will myself to not look at the carnage with morbid fascination.

  • Marthe Lépine

    So… I just found out that I, too, have the hands of a man! Of course, I have always known that I have the brain of a man, so that figures…

  • Oh man. Comments on that video are disabled. 🙁 That would have been a thread for the ages.

  • KyPerson

    Oh well, there’s lots of nuts out there. Some of you all might know about the giant sinkhole that opened up and swallowed 8 Corvettes at the Corvette Museum. There’s a video on Youtube that declares it’s all done with Hot Wheels.

  • wlinden

    Snopes reported the assertion that Obama’s MOTHER used to be a man.

    Unlike all the other Obama rumors, this one is flat out impossible. Nobody has discovered a way to implant working ovaries.