If it’s in World News Daily, you can take it to the bank

I totally believe a 200 million year old dinosaur hatched in the Berlin Museum when somebody turned up the heat. Because I really want to. No need to check on stupid “facts” and “evidence”. My beautiful childlike heart says it’s true.

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  • http://www.likelierthings.com/ Jon W

    “This paper contains facts. And it has the eighth highest circulation in the world. Look: ‘Pregnant Man Gives Birth.’ That’s a fact.”

    • http://robertfking.wordpress.com/ Roki

      Head! Paper! Now!

  • Mark.

    Someone’s been watching Reptilicus again.

  • Kev

    Batboy is overdue for his own reality TV show . . .

  • Rob B.

    Sounds like a publicity stunt for the *Godzilla* reboot…

  • Joe

    Apparently, according to Snopes, WorldNetDaily became a more believable news source:

    ‘However, that article was just another spoof from World News Daily Report, a tabloid-like web site whose stock in trade is publishing fantastically fictional stories such “Giant Housecat Now Available on Market” and “Apple Announces Release of Paranormal Communication Application.” ‘