Over at the Register, I am conversing with a reader with the jitters…

…over Pope Francis.

""...my inner Platonist keeps insisting that if I just talking long enough and clearly enough ..."

Our Lady is So Gentle
"Antifa is a Right Wing bogeyman seized on to create the illusion of moral parity. ..."

Charlottesville, Virtue Signalling, and the Defenders ..."
"Pray with Mary's Magnificat. Clear, strong, just, prophetic, utterly surrendered."

Our Lady is So Gentle
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  • petey

    a wonderful answer but reading the comments was an occasion of the sin of wrath.

    • Marthe Lépine

      Thanks, I had assumed so… Therefore I won’t go there and waste my time.

    • Andy W

      I’m near the point where I can’t read comments on articles and blogs because I leave feeling like I’m an inferior Catholic.