Science Denialism

I would like to see a freshman in high school biology try to escape an F by answering a quiz on fetal development with “It’s just goo”. This is what happens when a culture supposedly devoted to reason gets its science and philosophy from a comedian.  Dr. Leo Spaceman is a more reliable guide to human reproduction than Sarah Silverman.

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  • Dave G.

    This is what happens when a culture supposedly devoted to reason gets its science and philosophy from a comedian.

    I fear science and philosophy aren’t the only things we get from comedians.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Well, technically, we’re all “goo.” Under a microscope, you can’t prove otherwise. That still doesn’t make it right to destroy the goo.

    I do, however, object to calling Sarah Silverman a comedian. A comedian is by definition at least funny, and hopefully intelligent and a sharp critic of society. Silverman is none of those things.

    • JJG

      I’ve become fond of saying that I’m so old I can remember when comedy was funny.

      Who could fail to be amused by the deadpan humor of Groucho Marx, or be charmed by the smiling eyes of the lady in the tutti-fruiti hat?

  • Eve Fisher

    Since when are we a society devoted to reason? The last time I checked, the History Channel is all “Axe Men” and “Pawn Stars”, The Learning Channel is “Honey Boo-Boo” and the Duggars, and the only hard science on regular TV right now is on PBS, which is usually referred to as elitist and liberal. PBS has, as far as I know NEVER had Sarah Silverman on (and I agree, she’s no comedian). Oh, and Fox Broadcasting is the home of the new “Cosmos.” Otherwise, back to the Simpsons! (again, beats Sarah Silverman any day.)

    • D.T. McCameron

      It’s that “supposedly” that carries all the weight. Enlightenment principles, classical liberalism and all that. It’s the same Reason that the French worshiped after their revolution. Y’know, more a celebration of the idea of the thing than the actual application of it. Sort of like scientism.

  • Joejoe

    Prayers for this wounded and misled soul.

    Mary, exterminatrix of heresies, pray for Sarah Silverman and for all of us.

  • Elmwood

    Sarah Silverman is terrible, she has said some awful things about Pope Benedict XVI.

  • Mike

    Maybe she doth protesteth too much.

  • Hematite

    I’d rather be goo thinken of you, I’d rather be gooooooo,
    Than chunky with somebody else!

    • orual’s kindred


      Why the hate on goo anyway? Fluids have rights too! 😀