A reader wonders about generational healing…

over at the Register.

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  • Mark R

    It might be worth something if you come from a tradition without the sacrament of confession. God forgives our past; when we do not part with our past we may not be adequately repentant. Beyond the effects of sin, perhaps it is better to focus on the present with a view to the future.

  • Clare Krishan

    FYI since comments at your article’s NCR page are closed, I can’t
    respond to Ann Roth’s assertion on Sunday, Jun 15, 2014 3:45 PM “I read
    Fr. Josef’s book The Healing of Families. There is nothing in it that
    contradicts Church teaching. ”
    Did you see Kevin Knight’s NewAdvent has a new link posted to the statement by Fr Ssemakula’s religious superiors?

    a lot that contradicts Church teaching unfortunately… see #13 on
    echoes of Gnostic/Manichean/Pelagian heresies, #14 and #18 on prayer
    without faith = superstition; and #20 explicit contradiction of CDF/Pope
    Benedict’s authorative pronouncements on use of exorcism prayers by we,
    the laity is ILLICIT.

    NSFF (not safe for families) !