Extremely Good News!

Word on Fire just announced Fr. Robert Barron’s next epic film series, CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players. Learn more at PivotalPlayers.com.

"It's all about the awesome costumes, of course."

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  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Extremely excited!
    Although I was the tiniest bit disappointed not to see Tolkien’s name on the list. In Heaven, if they form a line for those who were led to the Faith by Tolkien, I suspect that’s going to be a very long line. I know I’ll be in it.

    • http://robertfking.wordpress.com/ Roki

      Well, Tolkien was not addressing the Church, but the world. Michelangelo and Chesterton, the other two secular figures mentioned in the trailer, both worked explicitly to and/or from the Church. Tolkien’s faith informed his work, but his work was decidedly secular: he was presenting, not the gospel, but the preparation for the gospel. He wrote, not directly from the principles of the Catholic faith, but from the mysteries of fairy land which longed (and still longs, in some ways,) for Christ.

      It’s a subtle difference, but I think an important one. I would certainly call Tolkien a pivotal figure in my own life, and it sounds like he is in yours as well. But he is not exactly a pivotal figure in the life of the Church – except insofar as he provides an excellent example of the secular vocation of the laity, to imbue the world with the leaven of the Gospel.

  • ivan_the_mad

    My parish is currently viewing Barron’s Catholicism with an associated study and discussion group :)

  • Jonna

    I would prefer a series about Christ.