I had the pleasure of meeting David Quinn in Ireland a few years back

His take on Tuam seems just about right:

At some point, Christianity here became more about punishment than forgiveness – Independent.ie

Christianity on this side of the Pond, particularly when it comes to the poor, often seems very similar.

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Raymond Arroyo: Derision Over Truth
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Raymond Arroyo: Derision Over Truth
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Raymond Arroyo: Derision Over Truth
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Raymond Arroyo: Derision Over Truth

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  • Thomas J. Ryan

    There’s a certain smugness about the reporting of this issue. Don’t they remember that the Magdalene Sisters turned out to be overblown. http://carolinefarrow.com/2014/06/04/tuam-childrens-home-salting-the-earth/

    • Varenius

      The problem is that people love lurid stories, especially ones that make their ideological opponents look bad. Later, more balanced clarifications are just plain boring. Unfortunately the more lurid tellings are what stay in people’s memories.

      • LFM

        Sinners also love signs that other people sin, too, because it lets them off the hook – the think.

  • Eve Fisher

    Personally, I blame John Calvin. When he came up with the lovely idea (snark) of (1) the predestination of human beings to heaven or hell based on some sort of cosmic crap-shoot (or worse, God’s total disdain for humanity), with 95% of people going to hell, combined with the other lovely idea that (2) success in life MIGHT show that you were one of the redeemed, it made all human life pretty much worthless and the poor deserving of anything and everything they get. For how it filtered down to the streets, you can’t do better than Dickens. He was not exaggerating, and we are still living it out today.

  • Procopius

    The comments section is a 100% one-sided anti-catholic hatefest.
    The church in Ireland is finished for the next 200+ years, it is now its own “black legend” to the people there.

  • Sharon

    David Quinn wrote: “We have to determine how they died…” Maybe he should have done a bit more research.

    Michael Cook of Mercator writes ”
    But the number 796 [remains] came not from an examination of the
    remains but from Corless’s research at the Civil Registrations Office. Each
    death at the home had been carefully recorded, with an age (they ranged from 2
    days to 9 years), date of death and cause of death.


  • Sharon

    This article gives another balanced account of what happened at Tuam and the context – Ireland at the time – in which it happened.


  • Sharon

    Another link giving more information about Tuam.


    I think it is really important for Catholics to learn as much as we can about this story so that we are able to give a reasoned reply to those who ask us for clarification or who use the story to create another Black Legend. The more a lie or distortion is repeated the more it will come to be the “truth.”

  • Fancy Pants

    My university project inculdes work on all the ways visitors
    may arrive at a website. Please see our Irish page http://www.smithvilleirishfestival.com/contact-us/