It is the peculiar doom of our age…

that clowns inform us, and those who are supposed to inform beclown us.

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  • Dave G.

    In an age where a presidential candidate is expected to appear on late night comedy shows if he or she wants to be elected, it shouldn’t be surprised that people would go to comedy shows for their news.

  • Just like in Shakespeare, eh? It’s the king’s fool who really sees the motivations and agendas of the other characters, and fills the audience in by lambasting the court. The Bard knew a thing or two about how life works.

    • tz1

      The Fool may have been the most important person in the court. Often he was the most honest. He is the opposite of the Sycophant.

      When Gotham is sufficiently corrupt, and Wayne’a alter-ego is protecting his cronies, one may cheer for the Joker, not because he is good, but because he is fighting a greater evil