Mackerel Snapper Asks the Musical Question…

Who died and made you Pope?”

FWIW, most of the people so eager to defend the Church from the Holy Father actually seem to think that somebody died and made them St. Catherine of Siena, anointing them to correct the Holy Father’s many grave sins and errors and conspiracies to destroy the Church by means of the curiously circuitous course of whining, accusing, theorizing, hyperventilating, gossiping, backbiting, complaining, comparing him to Judas Iscariot, praying for his death, and hallucinating about him in blogs and comboxes the Holy Father does not read and has never heard of.

Success is expected hourly.

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  • Henry Drummond

    Hilarious: Dr. Snapper refers to “certain social issues” when he really means the murder of unborn children. Keep up the good work, Shea: You heap new infamy on yourself daily.

    • Matthew

      Three cheers for missing the point! Hip, hip!

      • Henry Drummond

        Two cheers for your (deliberately?) being taken in by the propagandist’s move of cloaking his opposition to Catholic moral teaching with a veneer of loyalty to the Pope.

        • a sinner

          That’s nonsensical. 0 cheers for your being taken in by blindness to the evil of pride- in the name of fighting another very great evil, namely abortion. You are using something good (belief in the evil of abortion) to fight something else good (belief in the real danger of spiritual pride) That’s absurd beyond belief. Where is Mark opposed to Catholic moral teaching? Show me.

          • Marthe Lépine

            I’m praying for Henry

            • a sinner

              arrg. Thanks for the reminder- after I wrote that I realized it sounded like I was accusing Henry himself of pride. That wasn’t how I intended what I said to him- its just that I agree with the writer of the post- that it is something we all have to guard against, the assumption that we have the right or even a duty to make pronouncements about things not in our realm of authority- simply because we are “in the right” for lack of better way to put it- on following the church’s moral teaching.

      • Henry Drummond

        Ah, I see: You are the propagandist. Well, good show! Keep pretending that “the point” is your loyalty to the Pope — and concealing your willingness to tolerate the depravity of political slimeballs like Pelosi, Biden, and Cardinal Donut.

        • Matthew

          Bingo-bango. I wouldn’t call myself a propagandist though. I see nowhere in my post about tolerating evil or depravity, nor do I support anything of the sort.

  • Dave G.

    Am I missing something? The title of the post matched, but the post itself was about Catholics calling for other Catholics to be denied communion. It was a good piece, don’t get me wrong. Particularly at the end when it advised us to not focus on big hot-button issues that might blind us to our own sinfulness. Good point. But I didn’t see anything about people criticizing the Pope.

    • Joe Blough

      It’s not about people criticizing the Pope; it’s about people usurping his authority.

      • Matthew

        Tongue in cheek title.

      • Dave G.

        I’m sure criticism does not mean that, but more time looking at those more balanced criticisms would probably help.

  • Romulus

    Canon law recognizes the right of knowledgeable lay people to speak publicly (albeit with charity, prudence, and due reverence for the ordained hierarchy) about matters concerning the good of the Church. There’s no sign that the Supreme Pontiff is not allowed to be so addressed, along with other bishops and priests. This is no permission for ignorant, intemperate scolding, but language that’s blunt, to the point, and undiplomatic is entirely within bounds.

  • Rob

    Man, that piece is begging for the Ed Peters treatment. First, it’s a local bishop thing, not a “Vatican” thing. And also, pretty sure the excommunicated are not “outside the church”. To list two things that immediately jumped out. Which is not to deny the overall point that it is corrosive to obsess about whether others should receive or not. Though it would certainly help the overall witness of the church if our bishops did apply canon 915 a little more.

    • Howard

      It probably depends on what you mean by “inside the Church”. It is easy to find older works that say things like, “Hence there are but three classes of persons excluded from the Church’s pale: infidels, heretics and schismatics, and excommunicated persons…. Finally, excommunicated persons are not members of the Church, because they have been cut off by her sentence from the number of her children and belong not to her communion until they repent.”

      Or, “11 Q. Who are they who are outside the true Church?

      A. Outside the true Church are: Infidels, Jews, heretics, apostates, schismatics, and the excommunicated.”