Prayer for the People of Iraq

Prayer for the People of Iraq June 16, 2014

and especially for the Christians of Iraq.  Help them, God our Father, through Jesus Christ and by the sword of St. Michael.  Mother Mary, pray for them!

And prayers of reparation for the United States of America and we conservatives whose support for this foolish and criminal war led, very predictably, to this. We are responsible for this catastrophe that has overtaken the Iraqi Church.

Through my fault, through my fault, through my own most grievous fault.  Lord have mercy.

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  • kirthigdon

    I’ll add my own mea culpa. I didn’t support the second Iraq war or vote for Bush the younger, but I did support the first one and the sanctions which followed, disregarding the wisdom of St. John-Paul II, who opposed both. My awakening came when Sec. of State Albright praised the killing of half a million Iraqi children by sanctions as “worth it” to hold Saddam in check. That and Clinton’s attack on Serbia. With great reluctance I briefly supported the attack on Afghanistan, yet sensing that it would not stop at justified punishment for 9/11 but would continue to great evil. Mea maxima culpa for that one too.

    Kirt Higdon

  • Dave G.

    I don’t think that, in hindsight, there should have been any doubt that we would come out losing after the 9/11 attacks. Look at us. Look at the adults running our country. The adults living in it. Did we think we’d do anything that didn’t suck? Please. We’re a dying society and we know it. This is what happens that indicates a dying culture on the decline. I pray forgiveness from my children and their children. It must be a horrible thing to follow us adults, us lame and inconsequential adults whose one stellar accomplishment is to watch the civilization we inherited crumble around us. Yes, the Iraqi debacle is one of the examples of where we’ve ended up. May those suffering from our actions forgive us. May our posterity have mercy on us all.

  • Mary B


  • The Next to Last Samurai

    This tragedy makes me think that, in the unlikely event adults ever regain control of the U.S., study of the arts of war should be added to the educational curricula. Not one person I know with real military experience believed those Iraq lies for a second. Had voters known…but they didn’t.

    • sez

      Shame on the press, who’s job it was/is to inform the public. It’s not like those with a better understanding weren’t speaking up: it’s that they were being ignored, and effectively silenced.