Meriam Ibrahim Freed–And Re-Arrested–and Freed Again

Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ for allegedly futile and narcissistic hashtag activism. And above all for the courageous witness of this great woman and daughter of God. The world of full of quiet heroes like her. Let her name be praised in the city gates.

UPDATE: And now she’s been re-arrested. Keep up the pressure and prayers.

UPDATE: Worse and worse. Now they’ve arrest the family. Father, hear our prayer for them through your Son Jesus Christ. Meriam of Nazareth, pray for them!

Upperdate: NPR says they are free again. Thanks be to God!

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  • IRVCath

    According to the BBC she was rearrested by a rival faction of the Sudanese secret police from the group that released her. Apparently there is an internal power struggle at the moment between the military, the civilian Islamists, and various factions of the secret police. Well may we say when someone talks of the Sudanese government, “which one?”

  • kmk

    Is it in Luke when Jesus commands a demon to come out of a boy and it gives the child one last vicious shake before leaving? I think this poor woman and her family has been shaken enough. May they depart quickly and safely to freedom.