The Certainly-Not-Fake-Named Reynaldo Pedregon writes:

Dear Potential Partner,

We are facilitating for a private investor who is facing crises in his country. He urgently wants to relocate and invest his funds in a long-term business venture in your country/company under your supervision.
The amount available for the investment is 35m euros( Thirty Five Million Euros). My Client is willing to give 15% as a partner and another 10% as Management Commission for your services. This is however subject to negotiation but be rest assured you will have absolute control of the investment.

You will be required to;

1. Receive the funds.
2. Invest and Manage the funds profitably.

We expect to hear from you urgently as this is a high priority Investment Placement. My client desires absolute confidentiality and professionalism in the handling of this funds and subsequent investments If you are interested, please send down your response thru this e-mail, for further details,terms and agreement.


Reynaldo Pedregon

You know, I have to say I am deeply moved by the wonderful generosity of millionaires and billionaires who are so eager to entrust their riches into the hands of random strangers like me. And there’s so many of them!

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  • Brian

    Everybody knows that high profile financial “facilitators” use hotmail accounts. Seems legit.

  • Heather

    If you can’t trust a random guy on the internet calling himself Reynaldo Pedregon, who can you trust?

  • jaybird1951

    I envy your receiving such lucrative offers. I use to receive them from Nigerian entrepreneurs and princesses and feel bereft that the emails have stopped. I once read that there is an entire neighborhood in Lagos where those scammers operate. The reporter noted that they were incredulous that so many people in the west actually fall for the ruse.

  • Pete the Greek
    • Francisco J Castellanos

      Hey! This guy looks like my uncle Reynaldo! Oh…wait.

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        Your uncle is writing to Mark Shea? Actually, he looks a bit like my father-in-law when he was younger . . . hmmmm.

        • Francisco J Castellanos

          Well, you know what they say, all Latinos look the same 😉

          • Rebecca Fuentes

            Not so. Some don’t have mustaches.