So over on Facebook, some of the Good Christian Jihadis of Murka have already got their proposal lined up for how to avoid the mess and expense of all that tiresome trial and due process crap for this Bergdahal dude they have decided, on the basis of press clippings, needs killin’:

Jihadi 1 ++He really needs a proper homecoming. >:)++
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Jihadi 2 Yes, but I think we can take care of that “with a proper homecoming.”
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IJihdadi 3 An IED on his front porch would be nostalgic, make for a great light show.
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Jihadi 2 Yes, exactly!!

Somebody explain to me the difference between this and Al Quaida’s solutions for those they deem traitors.

Remember when conservatives and Christians talked about “rule of law”? Good times. Good times.

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  • Dave G.

    Sadly that type of rhetoric and attitude behind it is all too common nowadays.

    • jaybird1951

      Is it really all too common or confined to certain blogs and web sites where Mark apparently and frequently is a visitor? Strange that most of us never hear about these rantings unless we are told about it here. Obviously, it does happen but is it really so common?

      • Dave G.

        I think it’s more common than it should be. From radio to the internet to various TV outlets, this basic approach to the issue of the day has its place. And depending on the subjects at hand, its following.

      • petey

        “Strange that most of us never hear about these rantings”

        oh, most of us do. at least those of us who have been alive since about 2003.

      • Matthew

        It’s very common. There are many and they are loud.

      • HornOrSilk

        It’s very common. Go to places off the Catholic blogosphere and read: WND, Breitbart… and see how they treat the not-we. And then there is the “conspiracy fora” of the internet, like Godlikeproductions, where it gets worse. Dark Enlightenment indeed. And don’t tell me this is a small group (it might be) so it is not influential; sadly, the memes I see on places like Godlikeproductions slowly emerge into the right-wing discussion sites.

      • kirthigdon

        My criterion for whether or not something might be common is that if so, I should have encountered at least one example of it outside the internet – not necessarily face to face, but at least identifiable in the mass media. Based on this, I’d say that anti-Bergdahl sentiment, even of the more bloodthirsty variety, may be pretty common. The Dark Enlightenment? Pretty obscure – not common at all.

        Kirt Higdon

  • wlinden

    Explain how you know the tweeters are “Christians” in any meaningful sense.

    • Jared Clark

      I think the point is that they aren’t

    • chezami

      Not tweet. FB comments from readers I know to self-identify as conservative Christian. One of them comments here regularly.

  • Tom

    Are youtube comments next on the list of ways to prove conservatism is dead?

  • sez

    Evidence how much we need the New Evangelization.

  • HornOrSilk

    The only problem is that this has been the mentality of this group for a long, long time.

  • Mike

    I wonder where they learned that that sort of behavior is acceptable? We feed on each other.

    • HornOrSilk

      They learned it for a long time, by having such behavior rewarded because they disliked the “right” people.

      • Mike

        The principle applies to all groups and all sides i think. We you me Mark are all feeding the Beast whose name is distraction, pettiness, pride, etc. etc.

        • Dave G.

          Ouch. Point and match. I fear you’re right.

  • I’m going to treat this as a serious question. The difference is that Al Queda has a significant body count spread out internationally and including thousands of casualties on 9/11 in the US. These guys seem to be blowing off steam and haven’t gone beyond that at this point.

    At least the first one is explicitly kidding, or don’t you read emoticon? >:) is a less common one that usually translates out as devilish or evil smile. Why a self-identified christian would be using emoticons with horns, I really don’t get.

  • virago

    Thank God liberals don’t ever post such vile things like those consent stoves do! And thankfully liberals believe in the rule of las and have always had such respect for the military code of justice.