Human toothaches…

get pulled by the Pliers of Justice. Be strong, you sobbing blobs of empty hysterical outrage. There will be plenty of other opportunities to obsess over ruining other people’s comfort and hope.

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Let’s talk about Romans 13
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Let’s talk about Romans 13
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Let’s talk about Romans 13
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Let’s talk about Romans 13

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  • Benjamin2.0

    I’m wondering if a courthouse stripped of religious articles could be argued to be an atheist display and therefore a “violation” of church/state separation. Atheists do have congregations these days…

  • Joe

    “American Atheists felt differently. In July 2011
    they filed suit over the cross, which had been included in the 9/11
    Memorial Museum, saying members of their group found its presence there ‘offensive and repugnant to their beliefs, culture, and traditions, and
    allege that the symbol marginalizes them as American citizens.'”

    Beliefs? Culture? Traditions? When did atheism become another ethnicity? Perhaps they could carve out some land in the north of Russia and establish a homeland? Could they, please?

  • CathyLouise

    Do you suppose that someday the New Atheists will demand the letter “t” be re-designed so it doesn’t look like a cross? I mean writing must be agony! They have to read every day, and look at that horrific shape! They have to actually write the letter “t” when they write. Oh, the horror!

    • Thinkling

      On a similar note, I am waiting for someone with more melodrama addiction than neurons to claim using words at all violates the separation of church and state, quoting the beginning of John’s Gospel.

      • D.T. McCameron

        Well that’s one way to get them to shut up.

  • Jim Dailey

    “Human toothaches” – Good one!
    I like to go over to Friendly Atheist (hah hah yes a total oxymoron) once in a while to hear their bellyaching about this or that, ad then smack them on their snout with their own reason, I’m going to use your phrasing. The monkeys will start shrieking and throwing feces. It will be great.

    • S. Murphy

      Um… Sure, that’ll larn ’em.

      • Jim Dailey

        You can always tell an atheist – but you can’t tell them much.

  • kenofken

    I’m with the atheists in most fights on separation of church and state, but this particular issue didn’t strike me as a hill worth dying on, or even getting a scraped knee. I don’t see a need to sterilize all public spaces of anything that has a religious meaning to it. For me, the test is whether the installation or activity actively promotes or privileges one religion over another in the public space. Most such installations that end up in court – the courthouse 10 Commandments displays, the Mt. Soledad Cross, are clearly intended to assert Christian domination over public spaces. There is no other purpose or redeeming factor, despite the many attorney contortions (the cross is just, you know, a generic all-American mourning symbol, or the Commandments displays are all about curating the history of jurisprudence).

    The Ground Zero cross? By itself, it is an iconic symbol of that event and has historical significance which overshadows, or at least stands even with, the fact that many Christians took it as a sign of inspiration. The test for me then becomes the context in which it is displayed. If it becomes the centerpiece for evangelizing on the public dime, I have a problem with that. If it’s presented in its context as one well-recognized image and artifact of that event, I don’t have a problem with it, even if some atheists want to assert that they’re personally offended by it.

  • niknac

    Most of the crosses I see are tattooed on prison inmates, outlaw bikers and gang bangers.

  • SteveK

    The cross was repugnant to their beliefs as atheists? I thought atheism was strictly a lack of belief.