It turns out there is only one paragraph in the whole Catechism about Islam

and we are talking about it over at the Register.

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  • Dan F.

    The pitchforks are out already in that combox. I dont understand why so many seem to struggle with reading comprehension. You clearly said that agreement about worshipping the Creator doesn’t excuse the violence and one of your first commenters took you to taks for being “nice” and winking at the violence.

    This isn’t rocket science. Am I the only one who is confused?

    • Mark S. (not for Shea)

      The hypocrisy of conservatives on this issue baffles me. No, of course we must never excuse the violence of radical Islam. But if you compare the number of people killed by radical Islam each year vs. the number of people killed each year in the West in the name of “choice” and “freedom,” the West’s hands are far, far bloodier.


      Reminds me of the lyrics to that old song by The Call from the ’80s:

      He says, “We’ll walk in the front door
      And proudly raise our heads”
      I say, “Man you must be foolin’
      Our hands are covered in blood red”

      Read more: The Call – Blood Red (America) Lyrics | MetroLyrics

      • Dave G.

        Remember however that most conservatives fussing about this probably fuss about abortion too. In fairness.

        • Mark S. (not for Shea)

          Catholics? Yes. I’d say that’s a fair assessment. Conservative Republicans? No. At least not on the national level. The GOP is pro-life in name only. They don’t really give a fig about it.

          • Dave G.

            I don’t always equate conservatives with the GOP. Catholic or otherwise. But since this seems to be about Catholics and Church teaching on the subject it’s probably fair to point out.

    • IRVCath

      I posit that a lot of it is 9/11 hysteria – after all, things get more complicated when the enemy worship the same God as you, being mere infidels/insert equivalent modern synonym here instead of being idolaters. Same with thinking about what you have in common with the other side – bad for morale, so goes the conventional wisdom. After all, if they’re no devils in human form, but instead severely misguided persons, we might have to act as civilized people towards them when we take them prisoner, or towards their women and children.

      Like I said, though, people say it’s supposedly bad for the (American) war effort. Of course, it is also true that the Church does not, thank Almighty God, exist merely to act as cheerleaders for the American right.

      • Dave G.

        Hysteria? I can barely remember when 9/11 even mattered. That was in 2001, right?

        • IRVCath

          For most of us. There unfortunately is a significant vocal minority for whom it does matter inordinately. Also the Ground Zero Mosque debacle.

          • Dave G.

            Hopefully they’ll come around and see it as the insignificant event, likely the result of US policies anyway, that most of the country seems to have settled with. Until then, we can only hope.

  • Eve Fisher

    It’s always easier to demonize everything and everyone who is the Other than to actually respect them as thinking human beings who are searching, like all of us, for love, peace, and joy, and to recognize where they do get something right.

  • petey

    that novusordowatch site drips with charity.
    but the blogger there claims that previous papal documents assert that the covenant with the Israelites has indeed been abrogated. is some term such as ‘superceded’ or ‘fulfilled’ being (deliberately?) misinterpreted as ‘abrogated’? I haven’t done my homework on this, I’m at a conference and on a phone, my apologies.

  • UAWildcatx2

    My favorite part of the combox theologists: they have no hesitation on criticizing Pope Francis on nearly *everything* and are quick to proclaim that he’s violating Church teaching/bordering on heresy, but when they’re called out on their reactionary statements, they’re oh-so-quick to say, “Sir, I must protest your statement in the utmost fashion. Your comments are hateful, divisive and do nothing to heal our wounded Church blah blah blah”. Sheesh.