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GOP Makes Sure Terror Suspects Have Plenty of Access to Guns
This mockery of gooey fake piety...
SCOTUS Rules that States Have Right to Ban Assault Weapons
LBJ once remarked that when you've lost Walter Cronkite...
  • Eve Fisher

    Every mother and grandmother I know is totally against open-carry, because it terrifies the kids, and us. Why? Because indeed, you cannot tell the open-carry “good guys” from the crazed person who’s about to let rip with multiple bullets. Of course, I may just know a bunch of unperceptive, undiscerning parents and grandparents…
    (And there’s also the dirty little secret that sometimes the good guy with a gun has been drinking and turns into a bad guy with a gun.)
    (And there’s another dirty little secret that sometimes the good guy with a gun has been dumped or divorced or fired and just wants to let people know how badly he’s been shafted in a forceful way.)
    (And there’s a third dirty little secret that sometimes the good guy with a gun is an abuser who won’t do anything in public but will go home and shoot the wife and kids if they try to leave.)

    • Tami Gregory

      No, not a bunch of unperceptive, undiscerning parents. Just ones that already think like you do.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Hauling a rifle around for open carry (as opposed to a properly holstered handgun), is grandstanding at best and asking for trouble at worst. I’m comfortable with guns and people having them, but someone wandering around the grocery store with a noticeable long gun would make me nervous. There’s no reason for it except to make a spectacle (has someone done this recently, btw?).

  • kenofken

    If I become emperor, open carrying guns like that won’t be illegal, but it will be a defacto enlistment in the armed forces. If one of these Patriots shows up at the local strip mall with his AR, his happy ass will be on a plane that night to Afghanistan or whatever war zone we’re in at the time, and he’ll be on patrol in a forward area within 48 hours. He can open carry all he likes in Kandahar. If people want to declare themselves citizen militia, fine. But militias can get called up.