Obscure Heroes

Nicholas Winton: The man who saved children from Hitler

The CBC’s Joe Schlesinger, who files the report, was one of 669 Jewish children rescued from the encroaching Nazis in 1939.

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  • jenny

    Yes, I was impressed by Nicholas Winton’s courage and diplomacy…

  • http://lovedasif.com Drusilla Barron

    obscure only to us. God sees Nicholas Winton clearly.

  • sullibe

    Our newly ordained, new parochial vicar, brought Winton up in his homily this past Sunday. :)

  • jaybird1951

    Nicky’s children reminds me of the Schindlerjuden, those 1,200 or so Jews rescued by Oskar Schindler through his heroic efforts. There are many thousands of their offspring alive thanks to him as there are many other thousands thanks to Nicky.

  • quasimodo

    a real mench. it’s about time he was mentioned.

  • Marthe Lépine

    I find it interesting to compare the number of comments about this with the number of comments about those children appearing at your country’s frontier. Of course, it is true that both Canada and the US refused to accept a boatload of Jewish refugees at the beginning of WWII, who had to return to Europe. I think just over half of them ended up being killed in Nazi concentration camps. Are we ever going to learn?