Reader Jason Hall writes…

I am at the USCCB’s National Migration Conference this week. Today I heard several stories about these children. In Honduras, which would be declared a failed state at this point if it wasn’t in the Western Hemisphere, a gang came to a woman’s house to tell her her two young daughters had been selected to be “queens of the gang.” Which means countless acts of rape and eventually murder. The mother paid a coyote all she had to get her daughters out of the country. And of course, the coyotes abused them on the journey. A majority of these children are refugees in every way except official legal status.

It’s no big mystery why there is a flood of children being sent north by desperate parents.  No big conspiracy.  As people become poorer, they become prey.  And prey seek to flee predators and help their children escape if they can’t.

How we receive those desperate people–those desperate children–will be how we receive Jesus Christ.  Period.

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