Rush Limbaugh Continues Standard Conservative Francis-Hating Tactics

It’s pretty simple. Take some MSM misreading of something Francis says–usually something a 10 year old could understand with a little effort–believe the MSM misreading, and then smite Francis hip and thigh for things he didn’t say and obviously did not mean. Rebecca Hamilton is right. The most *charitable* explanation is that Limbaugh is an idiot. The more realistic explanation is that nobody in his position is really so dumb as to believe the pope is a communist or thinks Jesus was a communist, so the more likely take is that he’s ginning up ratings with a little good old fashioned pope bashing.

What he is emphatically not doing is making the slightest effort to understand Francis or the Church’s teaching on the poor (a word he habitually pronounces “pewer” with a sneer).

The Standard Bearer of the Thing that Used to Be Conservatism, which has joined the pro-abort Left in a deepening hatred toward the Church and this pope.

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